mGstat is a geostatistical Matlab toolbox. As well as having a series of native Matlab functions, mGstat also links Matlab to GSTAT, an open source computer code for multivariate geostatistical modelling.

At the moment I am developing the Particle Size Toolbox to use mGstat, rather than the built in Matlab functions krig and variogram. This should make the kriging process a great deal quicker.

mGstat on Mac OSX

mGstat does not comes with built in support for Mac.

The good news is though that you can simply update the version of GSTAT. However, existing binary versions of GSTAT work only with with PowerPC Macs (generally pre 2006). To use GSTAT on an Intel Mac you make download the GSTAT source files and compile they yourself. This requires a working copy of gcc and some basic knowledge of bash command in terminal. Consult the README file in the unzipped tarball directory to find out how to do this in Terminal. If you are running OSX Lion you will need to install XCode 4.2 or above and install 'Compiler Tools' from the downloads pane in XCode preferences. For earlier versions of OSX gcc should be at '/usr/local/bin/'.

Alternatively you can download a complied binary of GSTAT from this link: gstat-2.4.4_x86_64

This is the latest version of GSTAT that I have managed to compile on OSX Lion. I've tried with gstat-2.4.5 but received compiler errors. This also means that I don't know whether this version will work on earlier systems. I should be able to compile a 32-bit Intel version on an earlier machine, so if anybody needs help get in contact.