Welcome to The Particle-Size Toolbox

The Particle-Size Toolbox is a Matlab toolbox for analyzing a wide range of spatial particle-size data.

Using the Particle-Size Toolbox you can:
      • Merge and calibrate different analytical formats
      • Model complete particle-size distributions from visual descriptions
      • Calculate descriptive statistics
      • Create particle-size plots
      • Analyse spatial trends in particle-size distributions
      • Create 3D geological models of particle-size distributions

Getting Started


  • Quick Start Guide: use the PST to load and integrate particle-size data into a common format.
  • PST - A Concise Guide: use the PST for data reduction, spatial interpolation and compositional data analysis.
  • For help on specific modules go to the Help page.
  • For information on a specific function or script, type 'help' or 'doc' followed by 'function name' in the Matlab command window.
  • Visit the FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Still need help? Get in contact with the makers of the Particle-Size Toolbox.

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