alr - additive log-ratio transform
autoXYvectors - automatically calculate cross-section XY co-ordinates
Bounding_points - model the upper and lower tails of a particle-size distribution
calibLoad - load calibration data set and create calibration model
calibPSD - calibrate particle-size distributions using calibration model from calibLoad
centered_comp - calculate the median point of a compositional data set
check_GSM - check the summation of visual descriptions of sediment texture
closure - apply constant sum
clr - centred log-ratio
clr_inv - inverse centred log-ratio
coeff_calc - calculate constrained cubic spline coefficients for use with SplineX3
comp_regression - regression in log-ratio space
createParameterFile - create new PST project
cum2freq - convert cumulative frequency distribution to percentage frequency distribution
customXYvectors - manually specify cross-section XY co-ordinates
dataIntegrate - integrate loaded data into a single format file
descstats - descriptive statistics of particle-size distribution
DBAload - co-ordinator for loading input data files
DEFAULT_integrate - integrate data from DEFAULT formatted file
DEFAULTload - load data from DEFAULT formatted file
DINOQuafilter - filter DINO_Qwa data order conflicts
DINO_Qua2PSD - convert multiple DINO_Qwa records into single particle-size distribution
DINO_QuaLoad - load DINO_Qwa formatted files
DINO_Qua_integrate - integrate DINO_Qwa formatted files
DINO_integrate - integrate DINO formatted files
DINOload - load DINO formatted files
EAIopt - specify options for working with an Isatis study
euc_dist - calculate Euclidean distance between vectors
export2Isatis - export data to Isatis binary ASCII files
getFacies - allocate facies to borehole data from geological model loaded in gridLoad
getfilevar - load variable from file into predefined variable
getpsdcats - specify particle-size categories for data integration
gfc2percent - convert gravel facies codes into percentage data
gmc2num - convert gravel median codes into percentage data
graphicMoments - calculate Folk and Ward graphic measures for particle-size distribution
gravelcodes2percent - convert gravel codes to percentage frequency data
gridBoreholes - evenly discretize borehole data using geological model parameters
gridInvnormal - inverse normal transform for interpolated data
gridLoad - load geological model
gridNormal - normal transform for borehole data
gzsl2array - create gravel, sand, silt and clay percentage data into a particle-size distribution
ijnlCreate - create Isatis journal files
inscoreExt - inverse normal score transformation
integrateLoad - load temporary files during data integration
ISATIS2matlab - load Isatis binary of ASCII files into Matlab
Lin_regr - linear regression for constrained cubic spline interpolation
logfileWrite - write to PST project log file
logit_fwd - log probability transformation
logit_inv - inverse log-probability transformion
MatlabInterpOPT - options for data interpolation with the Particle-Size Toolbox
microns2phi - convert micrometers to phi
mm2phi - convert millimetres to phi
NEN2PERCENT - convert NEN5104 percentage frequency data into regular percentage frequency values
pcabiplot - plot principale component scores and coefficients
pcaoptimize - calculate optimal number of principal components for a particle-size distribution for a given variance threshold
percOpt - calculate optimum position of cumulative percentiles for a set of particle-size distributions
percentiles - calculates particle-sizes for a set of cumulative percentiles (called by percinterp)
percinterp - calculate particle-sizes for a set of cumulative percentiles
phi2NEN5104 - convert phi units into NEN5104 sediment codes
phi2microns - convert phi units into micrometres
phi2mm - convert phi units into millimetres
predmodel - create 3D spatial trend model
psdcumsum - convert percentage frequency particle-size distribution to cumulative frequency distribution
psdinterp - interpolate particle-size distribution using log-ratio constrained cubic spline
psdm2 - second moment of particle-size distribution (standard deviation)
psdm3 - third moment of particle-size distribution (skewness)
psdm4 - fourth moment of particle-size distribution (kurtosis)
psdmean - mean of particle-size distribution
PSD_FILTER - preprocessing filter for psdinterp and percinterp
pstPCAoptimize - calculate optimal number of principal components for borehole particle-size data (calls pcaoptimize)
pstmoments - calculate first four moments of particle-size distribution
pstoptions - options GUI for runpst
pstplots - graph and map plot interface for runpst
PSTinterp - spatial interpolation co-ordinator for the Particle-Size Toolbox using nearest neighbour, linear and spline interpolation
PSTkrig - spatial interpolation co-ordinator for the Particle-Size Toolbox using kriging
pstversion - version of Particle-Size Toolbox
PSTxval - cross-validation con-ordinator for spatial interpolation scheme
qualityTECH - rank technique codes of particle-size data
regstatslite - a light version of built-in regstats
runpst - GUI for the Particle-Size Toolbox
simulatepsd - simulate particle-size distribution using DINO facies codes
SplineX3 - constrained cubic spline interpolation called by psdinterp and percinterp
threeDscatterplot - 3D scatter plot
Top_Integraal_Load - load Top Intergraal formatted data files
Top_Integraal_integrate - integrate Top Intergraal formatted data files
twoDscatterplot - 2D scatter plot
unfoldPSD - inverse principal component and clr transform for spatially interpolated data
verbose - turn on/off verbose logging to screen
visual2psd - convert visual descriptions of sediment texture into a particle-size distribution
xval - cross-validation
xyTrend - calculate global trends in borehole data in XY-plane
xyTrendInv - invert XY-plane global trend model
zTrend - calculate global trends in borehole data in Z-direction
zTrendInv - invert Z-direction global trend model
zero_replacement - replace zeros in data using mutiplicative strategy
zmc2num - convert sand median codes into numeric particle-size

All of the above functions were written by Sam Roberson and are freely available for use and modification under a GNU license.


The functions below were written by other authors as part of other Matlab libraries. These are included in full with this distribution of the Particle-Size Toolbox and are covered by individual licences files.

John D'Errico

Thomas Hansen

Carl Sandrock

Wolfgang Schwanghart