The latest stable release of The Particle-Size Toolbox is version 1.2.11. This was released on 04/01/2016. This is a minor release with some bug fixes.

Download as zip archive: PST 1.2.11 (2.0 MB)


  • Unpack the PST to an appropriate directory
  • Add the PST to the Matlab search path:
      • File > Set Path > Add with Subfolders...
      • Save the new path

Make sure that any previously installed version the PST are removed from the Matlab search path.

Previous versions:

PST 1.2.10 (2.3 MB) - bug fix to percinterp
PST (2.1 MB) - minor bug fixes
PST (2 MB) - minor bug fixes
PST (2 MB) - minor bug fixes
PST (2 MB) - added functionality for the data integrate module
PST (2 MB) - bug fixes for Isatisbinarystats module
PST (2 MB)
PST (2 MB)
PST (2 MB)
PST (2 MB)
PST (1.1 MB)
Beta versions: (3.3 MB) (2.2 MB) (2.14 MB) (1.53 MB) (0.05 MB)

Particle-Size Toolbox wiki
The PST wiki is in active development, so check back here for updates. A copy of the wiki can also be downloaded as a PDF for off-line usage. You can also download a PDF copy of each page by clicking on the 'Page' menu at the top of each page and selecting 'Download 'PDF'.
Click to download: particlesizetoolbox_20140512.pdf

Note: This file may not up-to-date (check the date stamp in the file name). Get in contact if this file is really old.


A 64-bit Intel Mac binary version of GSTAT 2.4.4 can be downloaded here: gstat-2.4.4_x86_64. This was compiled on OSX Lion using gcc 4.3. If anybody has a version created using a faster C compiler let me know: email Sam Roberson

For more information go to mGstat.